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3D City is a decentralized and tokenized platform that offers gamers all over the world a Triple-A gaming experience. The first Play-2-Earn release will be 3D City Metaverse.

With multiple gameplay modes available, you can fight your way through a Battle Royale match or build the city of your dreams, fancy something else? How about a neck to neck demolition derby match where only one car can survive.

BRC20 Bitgert

Bitgert Chain will help 3D City “embrace” large-scale applications in GameFi. It combats the limitations inherent to blockchain systems, such as high transaction costs and slow settlement times with super-speed and low costs.

Bitgert is a newly-established framework preferred by many decentralized applications and now GameFi projects, bringing innovative gamification to the rapidly growing Web3 and metaverse economies.


We take you into the world of 3D City Metaverse, a world where you work your way up and only the strongest and smartest mayors survives. Form groups, create alliances, expand your city and move through time.



3D City P2E game does exactly what it says on the tin: players are rewarded with 4% reflections in $YPC cryptocurrency for holding 3D City token.



Choose you ERA, you can start in medieval times and evolve into a advanced civilation, or you can start in the year 2800, eitherway it is important that you get to know the game and players around you, and have fun. Collect resources and start building your world.


3D City is an interactive building game where you play real-life scenarios and complete missions to progress through timelines.

To generate income as a player, you have to evolve your city and be performant and profitable while keeping your citizens happy,
landmarks and events. Every week we have events – such as most popular city, landmarks for creators
most exported goods, quizzes and ROI winners. – at which prizes can be won.
Successfully completed missions bring additional income or items. And you can
complete missions with other players to get your rewards more easily. There are
many jobs, both legal and illegal, that as Mayor you can undertake.

Take your role seriously, you are the Mayor
you have a big responsability taking care of your city and ensuring it evolves
use your skills to be the biggest resources or good exporter


3D City Game Ecosystem consists of a stable economy, based on a $3DC token
Bitgert Network and uses NFT collectables. NFT items, such as landmarks, buildings, property and companies,
are used by players to progress through the game: trade, rent or sell them to gain profit.

When you enter the 3D City world, it is important that you have tokens so you can start building your City. $3DC is the main game currency, you will not be able to build whitout having tokens in your wallet. All purchases, imports, integrations, forks and exports are paid for using $3DC tokens. Players are able to produce resources inside the game, for example if you evolve your city and you own a highly performant power plant, you can sell your excess electricity to other players who lack this resource, you can lend working force, accountants and more to other players. You are also able to export your earning in $3DC Tokens and cash out in native Brise currency, you can also list them for sale on Young Parrot NFT Marketplace. Sky is the limit. .

“expand - grow - evolve”

Now that you have entered the world of 3D City, you will need to protect yourself and your possessions.. In the 3D City other playes will want to crush you and take possesion of your city, make sure you won't run out of funds, and you have friends nearby!
Join alliances and make your partnerships stronger to ensure a smooth supply of resources


The more unique your city is the more turists you will attract, turist brings you a lot of money, what will your city economy rely on? Production, turism, military, strategic partnership? It's your call, just keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

PLAY TO EARN The more time you spend making your city profitable the more you will earn. Hire professional staff to help you gain more profits, get the best PR staff to become the most loved Mayor from all cities.


Total supply - 30.000.000 $3DC Tokens

Tokens distribution - 25% Presale

Tokens distribution - 45% Burn

Tokens distribution - 15% Team

Tokens distribution - 15% Bitgert Startup Studio


Q1 2022

-Game Development begins

-Smart Contracts testing on testnet

Q2 2022

-Further game development

-3D model design creation

-Integration of game assets and commands

-Release project landing page



Q3 2022

-Smart Contract deployment on mainnet BRC20

-Release of 3D City Beta Version on PC Browser

-Have more partnerships

-Marketing campaign

-List on Nomics

-List on Coingecko

-List on CoinMarketCap

-CEX listing

-Launch NFT collection on YoungParrot.

Q4 2022

-Integration of NFT collections in games assets

-Export/import assets open trade

-Marketing v2 & More CEXs listing.


Taxes distribution:

-4% Reflections in $YPC Young Parrot Token Official 3D City Partner

-2% Liquidity

-2% Marketing

Private property

This is private property owned by individuals. It can be purchased on Young Parrot NFT Marketplace and then resold. All private land will initialy be sold as NFT, and the purchasers will have unconditional ownership.

District Land

A group of individuals may unite to form a group. Such a group may decide to purchase and own land and put it to use. Such land can be auctioned on the market, or structures may be built on it. Land in this category is known as district land.

Rent your Service or Business

You can rent your lands, lend skilled workes for other players to put them to work in their factories or business, you can export or import ready-to-go business that will generate you income from day one, or if you built one you can offer it for sale.

Form alliances and build high speed highways

You can build and own your own highay, make sure the traffic is light and if you have demand you can ask business and users to pay you toll taxes for using your highway, start generating income now!


NFT Marketplace

On the YPC NFT Marketplace, players and non-players can buy, sell, auction, exchange and rent out NFT
items, which are regularly available in limited numbers and editions. In addition, players can use NFT items in-game, sell Items to other players for a fixed price, rent or exchange them. Players are able to
sell their account on our marketplace.

NFT Rent System

Rent out your NFTs property, assets, companies, etc to players and get up to 75% in withdrawal fees i.e. a passive income.

Blockchain Company

Start a business and become an in game Blockchain company owner to receive monthly token rewards from fees.

Farming System

Achieve a mini game goal to generate rewards in the form of tokens. Cash it out or trade for NFT items.

Affiliate System

Recruit new players via a referral link and receive a commission of 10% on the first payment made by the recruited player.

NFT System

On the $YPC NFT Marketplace, players and non players can buy, sell, auction, exchange and rent out NFT items. Rent out your NFTs to players and get up to 75% withdrawal fee or start a business and become an NFT company owner to receive monthly 3DC Token rewards.

​Staking System

Every user of the 3D City Platform has the opportunity to stake 3DC Tokens to get NFT items and in-game benefits.


Every 3DC Token holder is eligible to receive $YPC Tokens which are redistributed from token
transaction fees.


Unified by a mission to build the ultimate game, 3D City team consists of 4 highly skilled full-stack, blockchain and game developer, as well as UI, VR, content and 3D designers.

3D City helps give in-game users an unrivalled degree of control and autonomy. The 3D City team works relentlessly to offer users the ultimate decentralized gaming experience.

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